Monday, February 1, 2010

The Copy Cat Inventor

Perhaps I was inspired by all of the late night infomercials that I have watched in the past three weeks or perhaps it is that I am simply tired of having my hands constantly occupied, but today I became the Copy Cat Inventor.

During the early weeks of our pregnancy (when NO ONE knew at all) Jeremy and I did a lot of "secret" research on the topic of babies to shock our systems back into what was to come. In one such "research" session we discovered a product that we made a great deal of fun of. It was a breast pump bra and looked like this:

Look at how happy and relaxed that woman is with her newspaper in her hands instead of her milkers! I want to be that happy and relaxed at milking time too!

So..............with the help of an old sports bra, a pair of scissors, and my super cheap view of what to spend money on.....................Voila! I made my own!

Does it look In fact I think Colby may be a little scared of it. Does it work..........yes!!! Now I will be free to do things like read or use the phone while I pump!! Yahoo!!! I feel such a sense of freedom!

And I will refrain from facebooking and blogging while pumping for all of my friends. I am afraid you would never look at me the same again if each time you read something I posted you thought of me in milk production mode! So I will keep that scarring image away from you friends!


Nan said...

Completely ingenious...and hilarious!!

Jeremy, Shauna, & Kennedy said...

That may be one of the greatest inventions ever! Love it!

Wanda May said...

That is really the MOTHER of all inventions....

Heather said...

Love it:o)