Monday, February 22, 2010


I have an addiction. I am addicted to primitive signs. To the point that Jeremy doesn't allow me to go to Martin's Wholesale anymore where they sell them. Here are a few of the signs I have around my house.

I have one that is on the tacky side, but it fits me so it hangs in my kitchen.......placed right by Jeremy's seat at the table.

But this sign is my favorite. I have had it for years hanging in classrooms full of children but I was FINALLY able to hang it in my home!

I think these signs give the home a little personality and I really like the sayings on them. Now I just need to find one that says "Bless this mess" and our house will be complete! :)


Heather said...

Last one is my fav too! I seen one on vacation last year that I almost bought and didn't. It said, "Dirty dishes, messy floors, but happy kids."

Michele Martin said...

Hey Brooke, this is Michele Martin from Martins Wholesale. Love all your signs in your house. I have a bunch myself and several that I don't even have hung up yet. There's so many and I want them all! You can sneak up when Jeremy isn't around LOL.

The Alexander Family of 4! said...

I am addicted to signs too. I am also addicted to the wall quotes. I have them above almost all of my doors. My favorite is a wall quote that says: "The fondest memories are gathered around the table". I have this above my my bay window where my kitchen table is. Just to let you know about a sign I saw that says "Bless this Mess"...I saw some in a couple of and Current Magazine. I can't remember what the website to Current is, but both have pretty much the same stuff (and they're not very expensive either). Sorry Jeremy! Love your blog!