Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dear Cooper

My Dear Sweet Cooper,

I am copying an idea from a friend of mine. Carol Stice had a baby a few months before you came along. Every month she writes him a letter on her blog to let him know what has gone on in their lives the past month. I want to do the same for thanks Carol for the great idea!!!

Cooper you are now one month old and you are without a doubt a blessing for our family that we only dreamed of. God blessed us so much nearly six years ago with your sweet brother Colby. After complications with his pregnancy and delivery the doctors suggested we never have another baby..........said we probably would only be a family of three. But after 5 years God answered our prayers and sent us you! We feel so blessed and so complete to have you in our lives now!

Your big brother Colby thinks you are absolutely wonderful. He loves to talk to you and whenever you hear his voice you look around the room for him. The experts say that babies can only see 8-12 inches in front of their face, but I don't think I am sold on that idea because you really seem to check your brother out no matter how far away from you he is!

When you were still snuggled safely in my tummy Colby went to the Build-a-Bear Workshop and made you a dog with a lullaby in his paw. Every night Colby would play that lullaby for you..........and guess what. When you cry he goes and gets the puppy, plays the lullaby, and most of the time you stop crying! I can't wait to see what the two of you will get into as you grow up!

Your Daddy thinks you are just wonderful! I hear him talking about you all the time to friends and family. He is one proud Papa for sure. He loves to snuggle you and hold you while you both take naps! He also loves to talk to you and tell you all about the fishing trips and wrestling you have in your future!

As for me, you have completely stolen my heart. I worried so much that I would never be able to love anyone like I love Colby, but the moment I heard you cry when you were born my heart doubled in size and I feel in love with you also. I love the way you watch me when I feed you. Your eyes never leave my face. I love the way you grunt and whimper in your sleep. I love the way you try to talk and your shrieks sound like you are hollering "hey" for all of us to hear. You rarely cry and you are a wonderfully tempered baby. You still want to eat every three hours on the dot so I don't get a lot of sleep, but I will take sleepless nights to enjoy every moment I can with you.

Your Pa adores you.

He has thanked me a million times for giving him another buddy, another grandson. Nana loves you to pieces as well.

For some reason though each time you are around her you sleep like a log! May May has kept you and loves to snuggle you and show pictures of her handsome nephews off to anyone who wants to see.

You are one loved little boy. You were loved before you even arrived on Earth. You were so wanted and we waited so long. Let me tell you son, you were worth the wait. We all love each moment we have with you and can't wait to see what kind of little man you will become. I love you with all my heart and soul.



Nan said...

What a precious post! I could just feel the love for little Cooper in every word. You have two sweet boys...enjoy every moment!!

Wanda May said...

Brooke, I love sweet...kiss Coop for me and tell Colby Cooper will never be as handsome as he is for me...your boys are beautiful..Love the way he is loved

Lesley said...

Happy one month to Cooper! Sweet words and so so glad for you that the doctor had no clue what he was talking about!

Carol said...

Cooper is a little angel! So glad you have him! Loved your letter! I'll be writing another one on Monday! :-(

Heather said...