Thursday, February 26, 2009

I May Have Lost The Battle, But I Have Not Lost The War!

Today I experienced defeat. For the past week I had given up caffine..........however it has followed me around calling my name. This morning I had to give in to that wonderfully sweet taste of Dr. Pepper. Ahhh! I feel much better now! The quirky moments of the past few days seem far away now! I can now find humor in the things that have made me cringe lately.

Like yesterday. I walked into the living room and noticed my son was puffing air into the cat's mouth. As I stared on STUNNED he then starting gently pushing on her chest. I asked him what he was doing and he said "I'm a doctor on Grey's Anatomy and I am giving this cat PCR!" No that is not a typo, he said PCR. Maybe Mommy is a little TOO addicted to Grey's!

I picked Colby up from my mom and dad's one day this week after I got off from work. He had no socks on because the good fairy had not put any in his drawer and Jeremy apparently does not have the ability to get them out of the clean clothes basket.

One day at a local middle school in which I was working a hormone driven 8th grader told me he thought I was a hot Mexican.

My washing machine has decided that it will only periodically work correctly. Now my arm is the new adgitator in the 8 year old Whirlpool washer.

My son took three baths in one day. The first because he was dirty from outside play, the second because he picked his nose until it bled, and the third because he used his finger paints to give himself a tatoo on his belly.

See, I DESERVED that caffine! I am still dedicated to my diet, but this one time I think you will agree it was okay to give in!!!


Heather said...

Trace is wanting to know what I'm laughing about because I have been laughing so hard. This ranks as one of my all time favorite posts! I definitely think you deserved your Dr. Pepper and maybe even some chocolate!! FYI, I LOVE Grey's Anatomy too!

Nan said...

I've got to agree with Heather; that was hilarious! Hope the cat survived the PCR!!