Monday, February 16, 2009

My Son, The Ladies' Man

Colby and his new "girlfriend."

Colby thinks he is hot stuff!

An awesome view.

My guys.

This weekend we went to the rodeo at the Ag Expo Center thanks to a Valentine's Day present from my Daddy. We had great seats and it was a lot of fun. Colby really enjoyed the bull riding the most. At intermission he asked to stand by the rail. Since it was only about five feet away from us, we let him. He stood by the rail and looked at the arena. After a few minutes he turned around and started looking at the crowd. He saw a girl that he later told his Daddy was "beautiful" and she said hi to him. Colby tipped his cowboy hat at her and then winked about three times. We all cracked up! She started talking to him and was having a great time. When intermission was over Colby came back to us (we were just across the isle from them). He asked if he could go and sit with his "new girlfriend." We told him he could as long as he was good. He sat with her for about 10 more minutes and then came back to us. After the rodeo she came over to tell us thank you for letting him sit with her. She told us all the things parents love to hear about how cute and smart he is. We got to the car and Colby said, "Gosh the ladies love me!" I laughed so hard.........Jeremy said he must have gotten it from him..........I guess I'll let him think so............but Colby is way more suave than Jeremy ever thought about being! What am I in for in the years to come???????


Heather said...

I guess it's safe to say that Colby is not very shy. That's a cute story.