Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Chicken Noodle Soup

There is an incredible phenomenon happening at my house.......apparently one can survive on only chicken noodle soup! You see, Colby is in one of his phases. The only thing that he will eat is chicken noodle soup. Now, I have tried to feed him many, many things, but he will only take a bite of anything else if I am lucky. Put a bowl of soup in front of him and he is in heaven! He eats like a champ. I am not worried about him wasting away or being malnourished (thank God for vitamins and V8 Fusion juice!), but it amazes me how he can eat the same thing over and over again! As a toddler he got on a Cheez-it kick for a while, but it didn't last this long. He will probably get to a point where he can't stand the stuff, but for now this is his main meal............makes cooking easier on Mommy!

Has your child had a funny food phase? What was it?


Nan said...

Give Matthew Poptarts, mac and cheese, bologna and viennas and he is in Heaven! He wouldn't have to have another thing...except maybe tea or coke!!

Heather said...

Hey, it's so good to be commenting! It's the first time we've had electric in eleven days! So, Happy Belated Birthday!! Trace is my picky eater. His main thing is mac and cheese, mashed potatoes and pizza. His eating habits are very different from most. He'll eat chicken nuggets if I tear the crust off. No sauces of any kind, like ketchup or anything like that. Trace would rather drink than anything.