Friday, January 23, 2009

I Have a Dream!

It has really been one of those days..........the kind of day that makes you want to hide in your closet and not come out. It seems like all day long I have been getting one piece of bad news after another.....this bill is due and we are out of this....etc etc. It has put me in a bad mood and I hate being that way. I get in a funk and ruin the evening because I am upset. It also doesn't help that Jeremy is at work and I have no one to vent to...........thus here is my blog post!

Now on to my are the things I fantasize about!

1. I have a dream that the economy will settle back down and jobs will be open again so people can work who want to.

2. I have a dream that I will go to the grocery store and things will be on sale instead of going up in price (or the same price, but less in the package - this makes me CRAZY!)

3. I have a dream that my electric bill will be under $150 - not holding my breath here!

4. I have a dream that I will come home from work to find a house not destroyed by my husband and son!

5. I have a dream that someone will learn how to do laundry, cook, or clean in this house besides me!

Okay, I feel a little better now. Thanks for being my sounding board. Now that I have gotten that off of my chest I may not wait for Jeremy to come in with my iron skillet in my hand!


Nan said...

If your dream comes true, please let me know! I want to be the next in line :o)

Heather said...

I have those days too. Like right now, I just got through cleaning up the house and I give it...10 minutes, maybe. I'm sure when we get ready to go to bed, I'll have to go through and pick up again. Good luck!

Mama Mia said...

Bless your heart. I know all about bad moods and ruining the night. I have a dream that we may meet again someday:) I forgot what you look like.