Saturday, January 17, 2009

Christmas in January!?!

Can I open a present yet? I've been waiting FOREVER!

Mom enjoying Colby opening a gift.

Merry Christmas...........again!

Colby getting some love from Pa.

Meagan and her fiance' Jamie (aka May May and Jam Jam). Mom made us all fleece blankets. The look on Jamie's face? He's just a goofball!

Today we were finally able to have my family's Christmas gathering. As you know Daddy was in the hospital and rehab during the holidays so he wanted to wait and have Christmas when he felt well enough to enjoy it. We had our traditional Christmas breakfast (for supper) and opened gifts. Bless Daddy's heart, I think he cried about 100 times during the night. He is so emotional still about how much his accident has changed the way we live now. Like I tell him though, atleast he's still here with us to enjoy, no matter what kind of adjustments we have to make!

Colby got several neat toys and Jeremy and I got a set of corn hole boards. There is fun in store for us as soon as this weather warms up a little bit!


Nan said...

I'm so happy that you all were able to celebrate Christmas together...even if it was a little late. I'm glad your dad is feeling better! Cornhole is lots of fun :o)

Heather said...

Glad your family was able to have their Christmas. I know it means so much to you to have your Daddy home now. You can tell Colby was really enjoying the tractor show.