Thursday, January 15, 2009

Quality Time at Home

I love to help wash dishes!

Look where I can climb when you're not looking Mom!

Colby loves looking at his Science Encyclopedia before bed every night.

Colby watching The Magic School Bus in his tent (I don't think I could watch an episode of anything with my head hanging out of the tent like that!)

Sweet dreams my little angel!

Since the new year is now in full swing Jeremy and I are back to work on opposite shifts. I work at school during the day and he works at Magna on second shift....we simply end up passing each other in the breeze. It is hard because we miss each other so much, but it makes the weekends all the more special. Also, Colby gets a lot of quality one on one time with each parent during the week and then family time on the weekends.

This week I have snapped a few pictures of Colby capturing some cute moments on camera to show Jeremy when he gets home at night (if I actually manage to stay up late enough to talk to him!). I love the innocence he has about everything. I live for the way he enjoys simple things.


Heather said...

Tell Colby he can come wash my dishes anytime he'd like! I'm sure you've heard this before, but he looks so much like you!