Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Out of the Mouth of Babes

Anyone who knows me very well knows that I am a dog lover. We have two adult dogs and we raise boxer puppies. We are crazy about other people's dogs also. So.............please know that there was no mistreatment of animals during the event leading to this blog posting!

On December 14th Mom and Dad's dog bit Meagan (my little know..........cute, blonde, and full of meanness). She swears that she was doing nothing to provoke the dog, but nevertheless he bit a her arm hard enough to break the skin. Meagan tends to freak out about medical issues so she took herself to Urgent Care to get the bite checked out. All was okay with her, but she was left with a very nasty bruise and a round of antibiotics. Two days later (while we were still in the midst of Daddy's first few days in the hospital after his car wreck) I went to Mom and Dad's to get some things to take to the hospital for them and in the door was a business card from dear old Keith Alford - Health Inspector. Now Keith is a wonderful friend and does a great job as health inspector so take those Larry the Cable Guy images out of your head now! Keith is very professional.. I called Keith and he said that since Meagan went to the doctor the dog had to be quarantined for 10 days so that we could be certain that he wasn't suffering from rabies.

The quarantining of a dog that has never been chained or pinned was not fun...needless to say the dog nearly ate Jeremy up and growled at everyone else that came near. He snapped at a few others. Since Colby goes to Mom and Dad's so often (along with an assortment of other children who stop by to visit my Daddy) the decision was made that the dog needed to be put down to keep the children safe.

Now the funny part..........all I told Colby was that the dog had died and was in heaven. He knew Meagan ( who he calls May-May ) had been bitten by the dog. Colby's conclusion................"The dog bit May-May and died Mom. I'm never gonna bite her because I might die too!"

Ahhh, out of the mouth of babes!


Heather said...

You just have to love the things kids say!!

Mama Mia said...

I love it! Tell Colby/Cody (ha ha) he's a very smart boy. I had already heard the dog story about "Ms. Brooks'dad's" dog.

Carol said...

Oh Brooke, that is hilarious! Hope you all are doing well!