Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Waiting on Baby Cooper

The wait is on. The bags are packed. The house is cleaned. And I am getting NERVOUS!!! I am so ready to meet this miracle baby. After 3 years of trying to have a baby and finally just giving up, we were thrilled and shocked to finally be pregnant. The after countless tests and trips to the doctor we found out what was wrong with me and were able to treat all of my abnormalities (Jeremy LOVES saying that) so that baby #2 could arrive for us to enjoy. It has been hard making all the appointments and painful with all the shots and blood tests. It has been expensive seeing two doctors in two different cities. But has it been worth it? Absolutely.

This will most likely be our last baby since I am apparently not a good "incubator." We are so thankful though that God has blessed us and allowed us to hopefully welcome baby Cooper to our lives soon!

On Saturday I went to the Medical Center for an ultrasound with the exciting news that Cooper weighs approximately 6 and 1/2 pounds (more than twice what Colby weighed!) and that they could not measure his head because he was so low in the birth canal. This news excited me and Jeremy and I were sure it was going to happen SOON! We spent Sunday and Monday cleaning the house from top to bottom like crazy people and taking the Christmas trees down and getting all the baby gear in place.

We went to see Dr. Lyons yesterday for my non-stress test on the baby (measures heart rate, movement, and contractions) and she checked me and said my cervix is still closed!! I immediately asked her to check it again, a request to which she laughed at. I feel SO MUCH pressure down low that I am almost certain he is going to stick his arm out and wave at us any moment, but if the great Dr. says I am closed, then I must be. :(

The c-section has been scheduled for January 11th, but she did tell me that she truly feels we will go before that time because he is so low and I won't take time to rest. (Sorry.......ADD coming out in me Doc!) I am a little panicked about the thought of going into labor because with Colby I never even had a labor pain, plus all of the medications and "abnormalities" they are treating me for, but Dr. Lyons assured me that even if she is not on call she will come running to deliver Cooper so I shouldn't worry. She said she will only be unavailable New Year's Day from 11:30 - 5:30 so I will be on the couch with my feet propped up during that time!

I am sure that all of you other Mom's of more than one child have experienced this, but I am totally freaked out! I am terrified of not giving Colby the attention he will need to feel included and loved during this time. I am scared of having a baby that is sick or fussy or doesn't nurse well. I am scared of the pain and experience of being awake during a c-section (I was knocked out with Colby). And the list goes on and on. I know we will be okay and I know God will take care of our whole family, but I can't keep my mind from reeling and wondering what will happen in the days to come.

Thank you all for being so loving and caring during this crazy journey with us. I feel like I have complained too much, but this blog is my place to vent and so this is where I dumped most of my fussiness. Sorry if it has bothered you!

So until January 11th we are on pins and needles waiting for the arrival of baby Cooper! I can't wait to meet him and become a family of four!!!


Nan said...

Brooke, I thank you for sharing this special journey with all of us! It has been wonderful to follow along with you, and will be more amazing in the days to come! Thanks again for making me laugh right out loud about the cervix and waving thing...hilarious! And yes, I'm pretty sure that every mom on the planet has shared in the same nerves and fears you are having, but it will all be okay. Through the wonder of being a mom, you will be able to love both of your boys equally and will find the time to give to them both.

Waiting anxiously,
Natalie :)

jparsley said...

Brooke, I've been checking and checking your blog to see when it was time! Mom kept asking me too! You are in my prayers and I wish you guys nothing but the very best. I promise you'll do fine adusting to two...the biggest change? I couldn't believe that my heart could hold so much love for not just one but now two babies!

Heather said...

I totally agree with both of these girls. The fact that you are worried about these things just proves that your a great Mom already:o) Colby will be such a help to you and he will feel so special to be helping. So kick back and enjoy these last few pregnant days because you will have sweet little Cooper in your arms before you know it:o)