Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Day

Oh how Santa spoiled us this year! (And the best part of all of the spoiling is that even though it looks like Santa spent a fortune he really only spent about half of what he does most years thanks to WONDERFUL sales and shopping early!)

Christmas morning is such a magical time at our house with a five year old! And our FAVORITE part of the day, other than watching all of the priceless expressions on sweet Colby's face is that we GO NO WHERE!!!! Family is more than welcome to visit, but we do not leave the house at all and stay in our pajamas all day and PLAY PLAY PLAY!!! We started this tradition the year Colby was born and Jeremy and I both agree that it is our favorite part of the holiday! Enjoy the pictures!

Santa wraps the gifts at our house to slow the morning excitement down a bit! After all the hard work put into it all we want to enjoy it as long as we can!

Jeremy was very disappointed that he did not get a gun like this to for self defense purposes! Nothing has been broken in the house so far..........knock on wood!

Colby was so pumped about this Wii game, but it is so advanced that he can barely play it. Santa never thought to look at the ratings on the back of the game! and learn!

This NERF game is the coolest for the Wii! You load the remote into the gun and blast away! I have secretly been playing on nights I can't sleep!

And the best part was the new bike! Santa left a note for Colby stating that the elves built the bike before he got his training wheels off so he left the tool for Jeremy to take them off with. He was in love with the "way cool" big boy bike!