Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Jeremy's Good Deed

For the past few weeks I have been agonizing over how to properly introduce Colby to the concept of breast feeding. This is something I plan to do with baby Cooper and I know it will be an odd experience for my outspoken son. I really didn't know what to tell him, so Jeremy, tired of my whining, offers "I'll take care of it."

So while I am in the kitchen fixing supper, Jeremy initiates a conversation about how excited they both are that the baby is coming and how wonderful it will be having a baby brother. As the tears come to my eyes I hear, "You know Colby, Mom's gonna feed the baby from her boob."

What? Could he not think of another way to tell him? So as I begin to cringe and come into the living room to run interference I hear him say, "And she will use milkers like at the dairy barn to pump some milk out so we can feed the baby with a bottle."

Well hell. What a way to tell Colby of coming attractions. All the explaining in the world can not undo what he has done. Colby has laughed and laughed about it all and Jeremy thinks he is Super Dad and did me a wonderful favor.

So, faculty and staff of South Edmonson Elementary and all of our family and friends - I apologize in advance for whatever crude and inappropriate things my child has to say about nursing. Blame it all on Jeremy and his "good" deed!


Wanda May said...

Once again Sis you have made me bubble up with love love