Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is an exciting, but busy time at our house. The day started off with Jeremy and Colby going to Jeremy's mom's house for breakfast. My dear husband loves me enough that I was excused from the horrid festivities there this year so I stayed home and relaxed a bit!

When they got home Jeremy announced that he had still not done his Christmas shopping........shocker! He took me and Colby and dropped us off with my Daddy and he took off the Bowling Green.............where he called me from at least 10 times to complain about how wild it was. Ya think? Maybe next year you should shop early buddy!

At around 5:00 we headed to Aunt Linda and Uncle Kenneth's for a wonderful mean and the exchange of gifts with my side of the family. We always have a great time here and Aunt Linda is a wonderful cook!

We then went to Mom and Daddy's and had our Christmas with them. Last year during the Christmas season Daddy was in the hospital trying to recover from the horrible wreck he had last year and there was no time to focus on presents and such. That didn't bother us as long as Daddy was okay, but this year he really wanted to make Christmas a big deal so we were all spoiled even more than usual!

Colby got a Wii from Nana and Pa and was thrilled! It was so funny because when he opened it he yelled, "Yes! An X Box 260!" We all cracked up! He and Cooper also racked up with lots of other loot and clothes from Nana and Pa.

We got home around 10:00 on Christmas Eve and got our cookies ready for Santa and read a bedtime story and headed off to dream land in our snuggly new pajamas!

I felt so sorry for Santa for having to deal with the COLD down pour of rain on Christmas Eve as he brought all of the gifts into the house! I'll have to be sure and give him an extra hug for not making me get up and help him!