Friday, June 19, 2009


From time to time there are things we all get addicted to or have obsessions with. The things we absolutely have to have or we won't be able to go on with our normal way of life. Here are a list of my obsessions...............go ahead and laugh at me.........admitting I have a problem in certain areas is the first step....right??

-Facebook - I check it daily...........sometimes multiple times!
-Magic Erasers - They clean everything and are my favorite thing to have on hand!
-bags from the Cee Bee - fit perfectly in the little bathroom trash cans!
-JIF peanut butter - must have a spoon a day or I will perish!!
-Jeremy's pain medication - it makes him sleepy so I DO NOT let him miss a dose!
-The hope and dream that one day my house will get cleaned and stay that way!!!

So, anyone out there in Reader Land have an obsession you would care to share??


Nan said...

Me, obsessed? Are you kidding? No, I don't keep my blogs pulled up all the time! No, I do not have separate tabs for e-mail and facebook! You're crazy if you think so!! I'm wondering how I will catch up when I come back from vacation :o) As for the pain meds, don't blame you a bit! As for the house, I've determined as long as my boys are little, it's not going to get any better!

Heather said...

Ummmm.....yes. I can think of a few things I'm obsessed about. Like...caffeine drinks, chocolate, hair that's long enough for me to twirl (yes, I've done that since I was 5 and still do it by habit), oh I could go on and on.

Nan said...

Oh, I got so obsessed obsessing that I forgot to say congrats on 20 POUNDS!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!

DJ and Jill said...

Dr. Pepper and Cheetos.

'Nuff said.