Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fighting The Urge

I have fought it all day long. The urge has crept up on me time and time again, but I have fought it off. What urge have I been fighting? The urge to BEAT my son!

Any parent/teacher/adult around children at all can sympathize with this feeling. All day long little man has pushed every single button I have. He has talked too loud, mocked me, played too rough, gotten in to things he is not allowed to, told things he isn't suppose to tell, I could just go on and on! I wanted to wear his cute little butt out, but I knew I was just aggravated in general and should steer clear of the whipping. So I did. I was victorious. I may need to color my hair again because I see a couple of gray's trying to sprout, but I won. No beatings for today.............hope he is better tomorrow!

Anyone else had one of these "fighting the urge days" with a little one lately? Tell me I'm not alone!


Nan said...

Sister, you are definitely NOT alone! I think all moms have a day that their child/children tend to do ALL of the things that push every button possible!! Congrats on fighting the urge...if Colby knows what's good for him, he'll be much better tomorrow...fighting the urge two days in a row ain't always so easy! ;p

Heather said...

Monday comes to mind! It was a fight the day. I will have to say that since then, they've been very good though. Maybe they got all that meanness out for a while. Good job, Mom! Maybe the rest of the week he'll be an angel:)