Sunday, June 14, 2009

Birthday Fun

5 years ago today I got the best gift of my life............I became a mother to Colby, the most wonderful little boy on the planet in my eyes! He is such a miracle baby with all the complications he had in utero and at birth. I am so thankful to see that he has developed into such a healthy little man!

Colby when he was about a week old (I didn't get to see him for the first 2 days)

My sweetie today before church! My how he has grown!

I make a BIG deal out of his birthday. I don't spend a lot of money, but we make it into a huge celebration for him! We decorate the house with balloons and banners for a few days and I give him his choice on what I will cook and what we do (as long as it is within reason).

On Thursday we went to his favorite restaurant, Peppers. The waitresses there are so sweet to him and always make a big fuss over him whenever we go in there (which is about once a week because it is the only place we eat out at anymore!) He told the girls he was going to be 5 on Sunday so after he finished his meal they brought him out a sombrero and sang happy birthday to him and plopped the biggest dish of ice cream in front of him I have ever seen! They smeared ice cream on his face and he cracked up! He went on all night about how that was the best surprise of his life! So cute!

He really loved the hat!

Colby and the waitresses while they sang to him. He loved this!

Today we had his birthday party at the Hwy 70 park. Several of his sweet friends were able to attend and he got way more toys than anyone little boy needs! The theme was "monster trucks" and some of the kids had more fun driving the trucks in the cake than they did eating it!

I love watching kids opening presents!

A few of the party guests (hard to take a picture when they are all on the move!)

Our Monster Truck cake made by our sweet Ms. Donna! We love you Ms. Donna!

We had a great day with wonderful family and friends. Thanks to everyone for your birthday wishes for my little man. I can't believe he is already 5............breaks my heart!


Nan said...

What a wonderful birthday Colby had! I love the picture of him as such a tiny baby, but I'm so happy for you that he is the strong, handsome little fella he is today!


Heather said...

Happy Birthday Colby!! I didn't realize Colby's and Trace's birthday was so close. Trace will be 5 on June 16th. Love the cake! I'm glad your little man is growing just the way he should. (Even though we want it to slow down a bit.)