Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Vincent's Become Hermits

First of all - 3 posts in one day!!?!! I feel a little like a Blogger Rockstar! I have been trying for days to post but had trouble with pictures but today the planets aligned and everything worked. Be sure you read them all! :)

The Vincent Family has officially decided to become a family of hermits. In the past 5 days we have only left the house for a total of two hours. It has been WONDERFUL! I swear I could stay home with my family all the time. Jeremy and I haven't killed each other, the kids have plenty to entertain themselves with, and we have plenty of groceries so it has been perfect! We are heading out tomorrow for a date night, but Lord knows that is a well deserved one. I literally can not remember the last one we had!

Here are a few pictures of how we have spent our days at home.

Cooper thinks that Colby's video rocker was a good seat for him to have........all the time. He pushes his bub off so he can sit there!

Cooper is learning to push the button on his car to go for a ride. Most of the time though the three of us take turns pushing him around the house.

I feel sure that it won't be long until Colby has wore a path out doing circles around the kitchen and living rooms on his Razor scooter.

It took Cooper DAYS to get brave enough to go through the door of the barn. Now he has no problem with it!:)

The house looks like a toy store blew up in it. This drives me a bit crazy, but the kids enjoy it so let it be!

When we did find the floor Jeremy was nice enough to vacuum. I took a picture to capture this moment in time as it is a RARE occasion for sure!

I made an Oreo Pie for the first time and Cooper was a BIG fan! He would scream between bites wanting more!

Couldn't you just eat this sweet face up! I wish I looked this cute making a mess! Ha!

I hope you have all enjoyed what time you have had off too! We have for sure!


Heather said...

Our living room always looks like an exploded toy store but I figure I'll miss that someday so I don't sweat it. Your new house looks really pretty. Happy New Year!!

Heather said...

Hey...I also wanted to make sure you knew that since my blog is "private" now it won't show when I update it. I noticed on the side your blog where your friends are it showed that I hadn't updated mine for a month but it's only been a couple of days so I just wanted to let you know so you wouldn't think I hadn't been keeping it up. That's the only bad thing about making it doesn't show updates. But I feel better about knowing that just anyone can't be reading about my kiddos:)

Stephanie said...

It's been a rough week at our house....we were hermits, too! The girl prefer playing in their pj's all day versus wearing clothes!ha!