Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dear Cooper

Well they say better late than never. I hate to say that even though I have been off of school for the past five days (thank you snow!) that I haven't found the time to sit down and make this post until today. I am so upset because I had about 250 pictures that I uploaded into my laptop today and they vanished into cyber space so the pictures I wanted to post are now gone! Boo! :(

But anyway.........

You are now 11 months old and boy do you keep us on our toes! You are in to absolutely everything. Your favorite things to do involve ANYTHING your brother is doing. I actually feel quite sorry for Colby because you are constantly going into his room and/or taking what he is playing with away.

You also like anything with buttons........computers, cell phones, video cameras, cameras. You usually scream at us until we give in and give it to you........or take a picture like the one above and then hide it from you! :) You are cute even when you have a fit!

You also like to rough house your brother quite a bit and think it is quite funny to head butt.....which has gotten you into some trouble lately. Speaking of rough housing......apparently that has been going on at the babysitters too. According to Ashley and Maretta it looks like you are gonna end up being a bully! We had better get that under control quick!

You like to climb and jump which is why just one week shy of turning 11 months you ended up with your first concussion. You jumped off of the footboard of my bed and landed on the top of your head. Since you still have a soft spot and you began vomiting upon hitting your head we took you to see a doctor. Luckily things checked out fine, but you did NOT learn your lesson! You continue to jump and bump your head daily. I think you are just going to be one rough and tough little boy!

Just this weekend you also began walking (which brings me back to the pictures I lost - see why I am so upset about those!) You caught a glimpse of your brother the other day while you were standing holding on to the couch and off you went! You only go about five steps at a time now, but you do it so well!

You love the tree and have redecorated it dozens of times. I am so glad that your Daddy screwed it into the floor so you can't knock it down when you pull up on it and squeal with delight!

You have also gotten to that dreaded stage I like to call "Diaper Escape". EVERY time I take off your diaper you roll and run in the blink of an eye. Sometimes this is cute and funny.........other times it gets your little leg smacked! But my what a cute little hiney, right?

You continue to fill our hearts with joy and love and we are thankful for you each and every day. I can't believe that the next time I post for you it will be your one year birthday. My how the time has flown! We love you sweet (and wild) boy!