Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Day

Christmas morning I was woken up by Colby screaming "He came! He came! Oh - and I opened my stocking already!" Colby got up around 7:15 and Santa had been here!

Colby got several things, his favorite of which was his new dirt bike helmet. He also racked up on Legos (but I am still not convinced he has the patience to put them together).

I just LOVE all of the excited faces that Colby makes when opening gifts! It is the sweetest (and often funniest) thing!

Cooper got the Fisher Price Learning Farm and a few Chuck the talking truck toys. He has fallen in love with the barn and plays with it quite often. Colby really enjoyed opening all of Cooper's gifts for him this year too!

After we had opened gifts Colby remembered to go and check to see if Santa had eaten his cookies. Not only did he eat his cookies and drink his milk, but he also left a note for each boy and there was a note from Fred (our Elf on the Shelf) telling the boys he enjoyed living with us and that he has gone to the North Pole with Santa until next year!

And to make Christmas even was a WHITE Christmas! The snow was beautiful! We had about 3 1/2 inches on Christmas morning. It was wonderful!

Of course I had to get the boys in matching pajamas. We feel so blessed to have two sweet boys to share Christmas with this year!

My favorite Christmas Day tradition is that we go NOWHERE at all on Christmas Day! After we open gifts, I cook a big breakfast around 10:00 and invite all the grandparents over to eat and visit the kids and play with them. This is wonderful for us because the kids get to romp and play with their new things all day and we don't have to get out of our pajamas!

This was hands down the best Christmas we have ever had. We are blessed in so many ways - way more than we deserve! We sing praise to God and thank Him for all of our blessings. I hope your Christmas was wonderful as well!