Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Toothless Wonder

Last Thursday Colby lost his very first tooth! It had been loose for a couple of weeks and had gotten to the point that we were afraid he was going to swallow it so I bribed him into letting me try and pull it. After several attempts over many days it finally came out!! He was a little surprised by the blood but laughed and said "That didn't hurt at all Mama!"

He rushed and woke up his Daddy to tell him the tooth had finally come out and then went to get his "Tooth Pillow" that his Nana had made him (you put the tooth in the little pocket on the front and the Tooth Fairy leaves your prize in there - so cute!)

The Tooth Fairy gave Colby $6 dollars for his first tooth because he is 6 years old. He was so happy when he found his money the next morning!

I love my sweet "toothless wonder!"


April said...

We are dealing with the same thing with Olivia. My husband has spent the last two nights trying to coerce her to get the tooth pulled. Girls aren't so tough when it comes to teeth pulling, there's been lots of crying. I'm sure another couple of days and the tooth fairy will be visiting.

Heather said...

Way to go Colby!

Stephanie said...

Macy STILL has not lost any teeth! I was thinking she was the last one who had not lost a tooth....she doesn't even have a loose one! Surely it's coming soon. Colby looks so cute:)