Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dear Cooper

Welcome to 6 months old sweet Cooper! (This post is a few days late but the picture was made on the 11th - Mommy just can't seem to find much time to post these days!)

You are doing so many things new this month! You can now sit by yourself for 15 minutes or so at a time. You can get a hold of most anything you want (Colby isn't fond of this as you have grabbed his DS several times). You have also started babbling the sounds we want to hear. First was "Da-Da" then came "Bu-Bu" and now you are on to "Ma-Ma." I don't think you realize what "Ma-Ma" really means but you use it more as a distress cry for "I'm hungry" and "I'm ticked off." I'll take it though!

You are in love with your brother. You watch every move he makes and when you get fussy all Colby has to do is talk to you and you calm right back down. He loves holding you and you don't seem to mind it either.

Your newest trick is escaping from your bouncy seat. The strap is broke on the seat so since you have been big enough to use it I have just set you in it. The other day I came in the living room and found you in the floor and couldn't figure out how you had gotten out then a few days later we caught you in the act!

You are such a blessing to our family and we continue to love you more every day! We love you!



Natalie Vincent said...

I LOVE that first picture!!! If that face don't make you smile, something's wrong! :) The face Cooper is making in the picture of him and Colby looking at each other is too cute! Ha, Jacob learned how to "escape" from his carrier when he was four months old when I would just sit him in there without strapping him in...he would arch his back until he got it to rock backward and then he would slide right out!

jparsley said...

I can't believe that Cooper is already 6 months old. Where does the time go??? He's a little doll

Stephanie said...

love the pictures! He really is starting to look a lot like you:) 6 months is my favorite age!