Thursday, January 28, 2010

Finding the Lovie

As a baby Colby developed an attachment. There was an item he had to have to soothe himself. He would rub when he was upset, nervous, or sleepy. No it wasn't a blanket or stuffed animal. It was my hair. Now as a five year old he still rubs my hair when he isn't happy, feels bad, or is tired. Each night we snuggle up in bed and read a bedtime story. He has a sippy cup of juice (yes I know he is too old but I don't care) and as I read he sips and rubs my hair.

Now that Cooper has arrived we put him in bed with us for our bedtime story. Last night while we were reading about the planets biggest dinosaurs Cooper was flapping his hands around looking for something to grab. Colby noticed and took Cooper's hands and placed them in my hair and said "Coopy we rub Mommy's hair like this." Precious!!! I couldn't be happier to have two little boys pulling at my hair now!


The Stice's said...

How sweet is that?? It's obvious that Colby sure does love his baby brother! :)

Wanda May said...

Oh my, that is the most precious advice Colby can give little Cooper. Already looking out for his wants and needs. Priceless...*big sigh as heart melts*

Nan said...

That is so sweet! And speaking of sweet...your little Cooper is precious!!! I LOVED visiting with you today and holding your little bundle of joy! He is SOOO adorable!

Heather said...

Brooke, that is precious! That is so sweet that Colby is willing to share his secrets with his baby brother. Such as sweet family. Loved visiting with you and Cooper yesterday! Maybe next time we can get all the boys together.