Sunday, January 17, 2010

Adjusting Well

We are adjusting well to having Cooper in our lives. He is such a good baby. He fusses very little and you can set a timer by his feeding schedule. I am having trouble nursing but thankfully my pumping is going great. It is very time consuming though so we are going to spend some time tomorrow with my cousin Dana who works in the nursery to see if we can make some more progress on the nursing route. Any suggestions from moms who have been there are welcome too!

Colby is doing great as a big brother. He had a meltdown the first day we were home but I feel that it was due to extreme exhaustion. He brought me a sale bill with an exersaucer in it the other day and brought his piggy bank as well. He wanted to know if he had saved up enough money to buy that "cool chair" for his baby brother yet. My heart just melted!

Enjoy the pics. One day maybe I will be back to regular blogging!


Nan said...

I'm tellin''ve got two HANDSOME boys there!! That was so sweet of Colby to want to buy his brother a "cool chair" with his own money...priceless :) I'm so glad for you (and Jeremy and Colby)that Cooper is such a good baby!

By the way, I have missed your 'regular' blogging, but I TOTALLY understand!

Heather said...

Sweet boys! That is so nice of Colby to want to buy him something. I can't wait to come see ya!

Carol said...

Brooke, your babies are beautiful! I'm sorry you're having trouble with the breastfeeding issue. Have you called the lactation nurses at The Medical Center? I had a 2 week appointment with them and it was very helpful! They might want to see you earlier if you are having issues. Hang in there. I swear it gets better and you will sleep again! :-)

Jeremy, Shauna, & Kennedy said...

So glad you posted new pics of the boys. They are both very handsome!!

J.J. & Katy said...

Your boys are just precious!