Wednesday, January 20, 2010


For several years I have wondered what it would be like to be a man. Now I think I have a little bit of insight on manliness. You see friends, I am obsessed with boobs.

Now this is not as perverted as it sounds. My obsession is from a feeding stand point, but it seems to be ALL I think about these days! I read about them, I google them, there is always someone touching them. My life seems to be centered around boobies!

Cooper is not a great nurser as of yet. I am trying my hardest but he is just not as interested as he needs to be. On day 5 of his sweet little life I broke down and pumped (ahh sweet relief!) and he is eating great, but by the time I get him up, change him, try to nurse him, bottle feed him if he is not successful, change him again, get him settled back down, and pump then I have about an hour to rest before it is time to start it all again.

So friends. I am passing my boob obsession on to you. Did you nurse? What worked for you? Any secret tips? I did get some WONDERFUL advice from a sweet friend today that has truly helped A LOT! Any advice is welcome! Oh, and do you know if I can actually smother my child with my boob? I am afraid for his's bigger than his head!!!

And good news. Cooper's level was down .3 points so Dr. Kelly said we could keep him at home and we will check him on Monday! Yay!


Heather said...

You are so funny! Can you smother him...I love that!! I did not nurse, so I don't feel that I can be much help in this area. You see, I am right the opposite...and Nathan was afraid our kids would starve:o)

jparsley said...

Ummm...I breastfed Lil for 18 months and Noah for 5 or 6 months. I'm not sure how much helpful advice I have b/c they had a fairly easy time. They had to be completely on their side (their belly facing your belly)with their little arm tucked kind of under my arm. I didn't worry about a strict schedule but waited until they were hungry. I kind of used my other hand to help support their little heads and it seemed like the whole thing worked better if I propped them on a pillow. Sorry, I'm sure this isn't helpful much. Just keep it up, it gets easier I promise!

Emily V. said...

Brooke, I have been a blogstalker for probably 6 months now. I used to go to church with Carol Ann at P.U. and alot of my blogging friends know you so I have enjoyed reading your blog. (OK, now that is out of the way)-+

I nursed ok, let me re-phrase, I pumped for my little boy who is now 16 months old for a year. Second of all, my mother is one of the lactation consultants at Med Center and I'm sure she'd be happy to help you with any problems you have.

My little Brooks wouldn't nurse well and he cried all the time and I couldn't tell if he was getting enough, too much, or if it was his terrible latching issue. Either way, I just found it way easier to just pump every 3-4 hours and then give him a bottle from what I had extracted! HA! I know it seems like double work and everything but I was in the beginning nursing then pumping what he didn't get out and then sometimes re-feeding him to make sure he was full. So it just made since for me to pump and then give him the logical amount that he needed. That way there was no question how much he was getting. Mom can do a pre and post weight check in her office to see what little Cooper is taking and then tell you what he is supposed to be having based on his weight and size. It was a big help to me knowing he was getting what he needed. Hope I've helped, when I was going through all of this, I felt like my best friend was my Medela Pump! HA! You are welcome to call me if you have more questions or you can call my mom Connie at Med Center. 796-2108. I don't think she will be back until Tuesday next week though. Check out my blog to get in touch if you need me. Hope I helped! Good luck with Baby Cooper, and Colby is a cutie too.


Destiny said...

Dr. Kevin Kelly? Thats my doctor! LOL :) Hope everything is good :)