Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bowling Green Dr. Visit

I had my visit at Dr. Lyon's office today and everything went very well. Baby Vincent has a nice, strong heartbeat and my blood pressure was great and I had only gained 1 pound. She gave me the yucky junk to drink before the next visit, but hopefully I will be having a "no puke" day and can keep the stuff down!

She did give me a little bit of a talk that kind of freaked me out. She asked if I was still working with kids and I told her yes, but at the middle school level. She said that if I am around ANYONE, at school or otherwise, that has the flu and get a SINGLE symptom I am to call her immediately, day or night, and I will be sent to one of the hospitals for an immediate feed back flu screen. She said that with all the sickness and crazy strands of flu out there that immediate treatment would be the only thing she felt comfortable with. She also told me that I had to get the regular flu shot (which I get every year) and if I can get my hands on the H1N1 vaccine she STRONGLY recommends that I get that too!

What???????? Am I silly to think that I don't want to take a vaccine that has yet to be tested for any period of time? She is the doctor and she knows best, but this one has made me scratch my head wondering what to do. Any thoughts?

Also, say a prayer for us tonight if you can. We head to Nashville to see Dr. Graves tomorrow. This ultrasound will not only tell us the baby's gender, but will screen for a variety of developmental issues that the baby may or may not have. We are praying for perfect of course, but we have decided that we can handle whatever God chooses to send our way. I will let you know what we find out tomorrow night friends!!!


Nan said...

Looking so forward to reading about your ultrasound. Best wishes for all good news♥ As for the vaccines, ugh...I have no opinion for ya. I guess I would strongly listen to what my doctor suggested. Be sure to get your other doctor's opinion too. Can hardly wait to find out if the little one is a boy or girl :o) Have a safe trip!

Heather said...

Good luck tomorrow:o) I don't know about the vaccine either. I am going to get my boys the regular flu shot but I'm not so sure about the other.

The Stice's said...

Good luck tomorrow!