Saturday, November 6, 2010

PTO Performance

On Thursday the 1st grade classes at South Edmonson Elementary performed after the PTO meeting. They did a scarecrow poem and "The Turkey Wobble." It was super cute and the kids all did a great job!

Thankfully my Mom was able to make Colby's costume. Being the talentless Mommy that I am, I know I would have come up with a complete mess instead of this cute outfit!

Cooper really enjoyed watching all of the scarecrows dance and sing. We got lucky because Colby ended up standing right in front of where we had sat down. We had the perfect seats to watch him ham it up!

We are so lucky to have Ms. Monica for our 1st grade teacher! She is absolutely WONDERFUL and loves her students just like they were her own children, and in my eyes there is no better gift when it comes to your child's education.

Congrats Colby on your first school performance! You did an awesome job and we are so proud of you!


Nan said...

I love your sweet scarecrow!!

Wanda May said...

I would have love to seen it was so cute

Heather said...

Cutest scarecrow!!

April said...

Love the costume, Colby looked really cute!! Thanks for coming to sit with Olivia and I, we had just been accosted by a bully that had tormented Olivia in kindergarten, so I was trying to not act upset. I held my tongue and said nothing to the little girl, just got up and moved tables. So, thanks for taking my mind off of it!

Stephanie said...

Colby was one very cute scarecrow! It was nice to finally meet you in person, too:)