Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dear Cooper

Cooper it is so hard to believe you are already 10 months old! This post is (like usual) a few days late, but the pictures were taken on your 10 month day! It is getting much harder to get a picture of you with your month sign too!

This has been the month for Mommy and Daddy to eat their words. All of those "Oh he is the best baby" comments are out the window. You have turned on and are a handful!! We spend A LOT of time telling you "no" or "eh-eh" (which you do back to me now too!) just to keep you out of things that you aren't suppose to be in. You are pulling up on EVERYTHING and can crawl as fast as lightning! You have NO fear at all, seeing how you climb to the top of Amanda and Maretta's steps and fling yourself from the top. You also enjoy climbing into the dishwasher and trying to get into the bathtub on your own. I truly see trips to the emergency room in our future!

Each time we have to correct you that bottom lip pokes out instantly. I have always done this to my Daddy and now that has come back to haunt me. It is the most pitiful looking thing you have ever seen..........but it doesn't work on me! :)

You are eating table food a little bit now. You love mashed potatoes and Maretta has fed you gravy that she said you LOVE. You also have eaten peas, a tiny bit of chicken, and you LOVE yogurt!

You can now say "Ba Ba" for your bottle and are waving "hi" and "bye" when we come and go.

Most of your time is spent trying to get whatever your brother has. Thank goodness Colby is a good sport about it all and doesn't fuss to much.

We truly enjoy you and love having you in our lives. We can't wait to see what the next month brings!! We all love you so much!



Heather said...

Love the pouting!!