Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dear Santa

Someone can't really understand why stockings aren't for your feet!

Please come see me Santa! I PROMISE I've been good!

Dear Santa,

I am writing this letter to about my son Colby. I wanted to let you know that he has been a pretty good boy this year. If you forget about him taking the nails out of the door frames, dropping his daddy's cell phone in the toilet so it could "swim" and all the times snuck animals in the house without Mommy and Daddy knowing it - He has been great!

Colby wanted me to let you know that he has finally decided to pick up his own toys since Mommy takes them to the consignment shop he doesn't clean up. He also said that when you come to our house on Christmas Eve that you need to take all of Mommy's wooden spoons with you (that way Colby will get no more whippings with the spoons that really "sting" a lesson into him.)

Here are the things Colby would like for Christmas:

  • a guitar

  • the Wall-E movie and v-smile game

  • a Tonka car hauler

  • a laptop with games on it

  • the Operation game

  • a camera

Santa, Colby really is a good boy so please do your best! We look forward to your visit on Christmas Eve!


Jeremy, Brooke and Colby

**This letter appears exactly the way Colby told me to write it! He says the funniest things! I nearly fell out about him wanting Santa to take all the wooden spoons away. Maybe Mommy's stocking needs a couple of new spoons put in it!


Heather said...

That is a cute letter to Santa! At least he's honest about the things he's done:)

The Stice's said...

Too cute! He is going to have so much fun at Christmas!

Carol said...

How funny! Christmas is so much more fun with kids! :-)

Staffanne said...

Brooke, he sounds like a real HOOT! Don't you love the sweet, funny things they say. I love Christmas so much more now because I have my precious girls to spend it with.

Danielle Hudson said...

I can donate some wooden spoons for the cause. Ian likes to take ours and beat stuff with them, sometimes us!