Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Day

Colby was so excited Christmas morning!

He LOVED his new tee-ball bat!

Colby's face when he came into the living room Christmas morning.

Look at the mess Santa made!

We had a wonderful Christmas at the Vincent home this year. Colby enjoyed things so much this year. He had been such a great little boy all year and it really seemed to have paid off with a great visit from Santa. Now let me tell you though, Santa really left a mess in our house! Colby just knew that Santa would come in through the chimney and that is apparently exactly how he got in.............there were ashy footprints all the way from the stove into the living room!

Colby got more than any kid needs, but his favorite gifts were his camera (Fisher Price Kid Proof camera...............wonderful item!) and a remote control car. My personal favorite gift was the NERF bullets Santa left for the guns we have...........Colby, Jeremy, and I all have the guns and it is all out WAR when we play! Jeremy swears I could be an assasin with my excellent aim!

Daddy was still in SKY Rehab on Christmas day so we went down and had a small celebration with him. We plan to really celebrate Christmas for our family when Daddy gets to come home!

We are all so thankful for everything we have this holiday season. We enjoy each moment we have here on earth and thank God for so richly blessing us all. Happy Holidays everyone!

Colby opening his gifts from May May at SKY.