Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy 7th Birthday Colby!!

Colby turned 7 on June 14th. I can't believe that my sweet boy is that old! It really struck a nerve when Jeremy pointed out that he is closer to a teenager now than he is a baby. Yikes!!

Colby wanted to have a bowling party again this year. It was tough to schedule with ball tournaments and church meetings, but a few of his friends were able to attend and they had a ball!!!

Colby is REALLY into Star Wars right now (a subject his mother knows NOTHING about!) so that was the theme of the cake. Ms. Donna who has always done our cakes was gone to spend time with her beautiful grand babies, so we had to find another cake person. A girl I work with made this neat cup-cake cake. It was the BEST as far as serving goes!!! Plus she did a great job on the design!

Colby was serious about his bowling! Ha ha!

Is this a sweet group of kids or what?!? I LOVE that Colby has such a wonderful group of friends to grow up with!

Colby we love you more than words can say!! Happy Birthday! You are our pride and joy!!!


Heather said...

Love the cake! Happy Birthday, Colby:)

Stephanie said...

Macy had the best time at Colby's party. Thanks for inviting her:) I can't believe they are 2nd graders!