Monday, January 10, 2011

Cooper's Birthday Party

On Sunday we celebrated Cooper's birthday with family. It's so funny because with Colby I did a big elaborate party for his first birthday, but not this time - the second time around I realize that just stresses a baby out and causes a meltdown later on so we went small!

After Christmas he kinda has the gift opening down. He got a slide from me, Jeremy, and Colby. He got a stuffed turtle and book from his May May, a train from his wonderful babysitters, and a ball pit with 200 balls from Nana and Pa (don't even dare to ask how many times I have picked those balls up in the last two days!)

My parents, sister, Aunt Linda and Uncle Kenneth, Riley and Rachel, and Maretta, Ashley, and Caden all joined us at our house for a couple of hours. Cooper got money, a sweet stuffed turtle and book from May May, and a ball pit and 200 balls from Nana and Pa (gee - thanks!)

Ms. Donna made the cake. It was the theme of "Snakes and Snails and Puppy Dog tails, that's what little boys are made of!" It was super cute!

At first Cooper wasn't too sure about the cake................."You gave this to me?? All of this???" seemed to be going through his head.

But then he got the hang of it...................and so did the floor and walls!:)

I can't believe he is already a year old! It breaks my heart, but I am so thankful that he is growing and developing just as he should! Thank you God for my sweet boy!