Tuesday, October 12, 2010

First Family Trip

First let me say that I have been trying to add pictures to this post every day for a week and blogger won't upload them! I am so aggravated. Anyone else having this issue?


Last week during Fall Break our family took off for our first family of four vacation. This was also the first vacation that Colby can remember because he was two the last time we traveled. We went to Chattanooga and visited the aquarium and Discovery Science Center (which was WONDERFUL!). We also rode the Incline Railway up Lookout Mountain. We had a wonderful time and both kids were perfect on the trip!

There were a few funny moments during our trip of course. Jeremy decided that he wanted to get something "good" to eat for supper that night. Next to our hotel was a Cracker Barrel. He didn't want that so we took off in search of a steak house. We exited I-24 to an area that looked like it was promising. Approximately 2 blocks off of the exit ramp the area suddenly turned ghetto. I had flashbacks to National Lampoon's Vacation where the hubcaps are stolen off the car and quickly reached over and clicked the locks. Long story short - 70 miles and one and a half hour later we ended up at the Cracker Barrel next door to the hotel! Ha!

In defeat we also had breakfast at Cracker Barrel the next morning. I took Cooper to the bathroom to change him and on the way through the lobby he hit a man on the butt with his hand. The man turns and looks at me with arched eyebrows. I say "I swear it was the baby!" and took off! The little stinker!

And the final memorable moment was possibly the scariest for travelers on I-65. Just south of Nashville Cooper got sick (I think he is having reflux issues) and he vomited quite a bit. I had to get him out of the car seat and clean him up (it was so covered that nothing short of a water hose could clean it off) so I ended up covered in vomit. My loving husband driving the car didn't so much as tap the breaks. We head north on 65 in a stinky car with me riding in the backseat in only my pants and bra covered with a blanket hiding a baby in only his diaper inside the covers! Thankfully we made it home safe and sound, but oh did Jeremy Vincent ever get an ear full over his not stopping!


April said...

We went to Chattanooga about a month ago, we really liked it. The aquarium was great. Didn't do the discovery museum, but we should have. We must have stayed at the same hotel (Holiday Inn) right beside Cracker Barrel. Funny!! We ended up ending there twice.