Thursday, August 26, 2010

Oh HAPPY Day!!!!

Right now HAPPY doesn't even begin to cover the emotions I am feeling. As of tonight I have officially completed my Rank I degree in Special Education!!!!!!!

My college journey has taken 6.5 years total (although it has seemed like much more). I spent 4.5 years getting my elementary degree and then another 1.5 years getting my master's in elementary education. About 1.5 years ago I decided I was ready for a different direction in life and so I jumped into a special education program and I am SOOO glad I did! I teach resource Language Arts and Reading classes at Warren East Middle and I LOVE IT!!

This Rank I has been a lot of tough work, but it has been worth it. I took classes during my pregnancy and all during Cooper's life thus far. I even took classes only a week after he was born! This course was perfect for a Mom though because it was all online.

After hours spent in online classes, HUNDREDS of pages in the 123 papers I have written for this degree, and all the late nights and tears I have cried in frustration I FINALLY DID IT!!!!!

I am so proud of myself and thankful to my husband, parents, and friends for their support during this crazy process!

NO MORE CLASSES FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!! Time to celebrate!!!!


The Stice's said...

Yay! I am excited for you!! Enjoy your "free" time with your precious babies now! :)

Stephanie said...


Nan said...

Congrats!!! I'm so happy for you!

Heather said...

That is great, Brooke!! Congrats!!!!

April said...

Congratulations!! You should be proud!

Robin Grey said...

Yay!I'm so proud of you! I love reading your blog every so often. Your baby Cooper is beautiful - I can so see your dad in him - yes, I still think he's beautiful. I can't believe what a miracle Colby is. I still remember how little he was and how all progress and growth was such a milestone! I am so glad life is good for you! The Greys love you and have for a long time!