Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dear Cooper

Well Cooper, it is so hard to believe that you are two months old today! I can't believe how quickly the time has gone by! You are getting so big so fast! Your Daddy and I laugh all the time and refer to you as "Chunky Monkey" because you are so much bigger than Colby was at this age. You are wearing clothes he didn't wear until he was four months old!

This may have something to do with you wanting to eat every two hours. At night that is. But I am gonna just pretend you get up that often because you miss me because I had to go back to work already (don't you wish Daddy was rich so I could be at home!? :) ).

We don't know exactly what you weigh right now, but you go for your two month check up with Dr. Kelly on March 26th. I dread the shots but I'm sure you will handle it better than Mommy will!

You are starting to "ooh" and "coo" a lot! We all love sitting around in the afternoon and talking to you! Everytime you let out a big coo your big brother tries his best to figure out what you have said. So far Colby believes with all his might that you have said "Brother" "No" "Great" "Hungry" and "Now". Really all you say though is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa...........but only when you are hungry!

You are also tracking objects with your eyes more. You watch us when we come in and leave the room and Colby is great about shoving toys in your face for you to look at. I fear you may end up crossed eyed though because sometimes he moves them so fast! :)

The day I went back to work I cried and cried but when I came home that day you gave me a big smile and it made it all okay! You smile for me and Colby every day now. You are selective in your smiling though and stop the minute your Daddy or Pa come around (I secretly find this very funny!).

Now that the weather if finally getting warmer we are getting you out more. We have been to church and even braved a couple of trips out to eat. Other than that you are confined to the house and the house of close family and friends we have visited. We have been taking walks on days that are warm and sunny though and you LOVE to be in the snuggly on my front! This is your favorite way to travel, but you are also okay with the stroller and car seat.

Thanks for being such a good baby! We love every minute we have with you and can't wait to see what you will learn next.............well really we can..............we would love to freeze you as a baby forever!.........well maybe we would wait to freeze you when you learn to sleep longer at night!

We love you Cooper!


Staffanne said...

So sweet...He is a DOLL BABY!

Heather said...

I want to hold sweet little Cooper again! I'm sure he's grown so much since I seen him.