Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thought For the Night

If cleanliness is next to Godliness then tonight me and my house are wallering with the devil! Yes, it is getting deep around here!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Need A Little Help

Looks like the end might be near for Jeremy and his cast! With all we have been through in the past couple of months we have decided that we "MIGHT" take a two night get away and try to take Colby to see the ocean. I know it is crazy to go for only two nights, but we are on a budget and need to keep the trip short since Jeremy can't do too suggestions on where to go or where to stay? Any tips on getting good rates? Any info would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sick Baby

For the past three years Colby has been the picture of health. He rarely gets sick and if he does it is always related to his allergies. Thus, when he started the snooty nose, coughing till he puked dance this week I chalked it up to allergies. When I couldn't get a handle on it after two days I took him to the doctor. My poor baby has pneumonia!!

The doctor gave him antibiotic and cough medicine, plus told us to give him breathing treatments. If he isn't better in three days we have to bring him back in. Bless his sweet little heart!

When he was 2 and under he was always sick. We had 6 hospital stays in his first year alone so needless to say I got use to the in's and out's of the sick child. But like I said earlier for the past 3 years he has been doing great...........maybe that is why this has thrown me for such a loop.

Regardless, say a prayer for my baby boy to feel better soon! We will be doing lots of resting and snuggling today in the cool air conditioned house! Hopefully we can squeeze in a nap or two also!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Ex Sighting

Today I ran into an old flame of my mother in law. You know she has had several (in fact the last "marriage" she didn't even turn in the marriage license in case it didn't work out! - true story!)

Anyway, I came out of the bathroom at the doctor's office and there was her ex looking at me. I smiled and said "hello" and he said, "I think I know you, but I don't know where from." I told him that I was Jeremy's wife. He said "She ain't run you off yet?" I laughed and told him I wasn't going anywhere. Then he looked at me all serious and said "Girl if there ever was a DEMON that lived on this earth it's that woman." I fell out in a fit of laughter! It's is so nice to know that other people (aside from me and my father in law) feel the same way about her!

What a wonderful day!

Friday, June 19, 2009


From time to time there are things we all get addicted to or have obsessions with. The things we absolutely have to have or we won't be able to go on with our normal way of life. Here are a list of my obsessions...............go ahead and laugh at me.........admitting I have a problem in certain areas is the first step....right??

-Facebook - I check it daily...........sometimes multiple times!
-Magic Erasers - They clean everything and are my favorite thing to have on hand!
-bags from the Cee Bee - fit perfectly in the little bathroom trash cans!
-JIF peanut butter - must have a spoon a day or I will perish!!
-Jeremy's pain medication - it makes him sleepy so I DO NOT let him miss a dose!
-The hope and dream that one day my house will get cleaned and stay that way!!!

So, anyone out there in Reader Land have an obsession you would care to share??

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Birthday Fun

5 years ago today I got the best gift of my life............I became a mother to Colby, the most wonderful little boy on the planet in my eyes! He is such a miracle baby with all the complications he had in utero and at birth. I am so thankful to see that he has developed into such a healthy little man!

Colby when he was about a week old (I didn't get to see him for the first 2 days)

My sweetie today before church! My how he has grown!

I make a BIG deal out of his birthday. I don't spend a lot of money, but we make it into a huge celebration for him! We decorate the house with balloons and banners for a few days and I give him his choice on what I will cook and what we do (as long as it is within reason).

On Thursday we went to his favorite restaurant, Peppers. The waitresses there are so sweet to him and always make a big fuss over him whenever we go in there (which is about once a week because it is the only place we eat out at anymore!) He told the girls he was going to be 5 on Sunday so after he finished his meal they brought him out a sombrero and sang happy birthday to him and plopped the biggest dish of ice cream in front of him I have ever seen! They smeared ice cream on his face and he cracked up! He went on all night about how that was the best surprise of his life! So cute!

He really loved the hat!

Colby and the waitresses while they sang to him. He loved this!

Today we had his birthday party at the Hwy 70 park. Several of his sweet friends were able to attend and he got way more toys than anyone little boy needs! The theme was "monster trucks" and some of the kids had more fun driving the trucks in the cake than they did eating it!

I love watching kids opening presents!

A few of the party guests (hard to take a picture when they are all on the move!)

Our Monster Truck cake made by our sweet Ms. Donna! We love you Ms. Donna!

We had a great day with wonderful family and friends. Thanks to everyone for your birthday wishes for my little man. I can't believe he is already 5............breaks my heart!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Worms Anyone?

A couple of days ago I was working on the laundry................the massive piles of laundry our family had collected over the past week. I was making wonderful progress and was getting one of the last loads out of the washer when I saw something strange in the bottom of the washer basin. Upon closer examination I found that the items I was looking at were worms. Several worms.

I yelled for Colby to come to me for an explanation. I asked him if he knew why there were worms in the washer. "Oops!" Colby announced. "I had put them in my pocket and forgot to take them out."

Let me tell you...................the few stragglers that made it into the dryer were the ones that got the wrong end of the deal.

As Natalie's blog says....................Oh the joys of raising little boys!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Rumble in Rocky Hill

There was a good old fashioned rumble in Rocky Hill on Friday night...........a real throw down. There was screaming and throwing things and very ugly words and name calling. It was me and Jeremy.

Right before our tee-ball game Jeremy and I had the first squabble...........I don't remember what it was about, but rest assured we were both sick and tired of each other. We fussed for a few minutes until Colby came in and then we went to the ball game and PRETENDED to like each other in public. Then as soon as we got home we really went at it (Colby was in the bathtub and we were on the porch......rather the neighbors hear us fight than the little man!) I mean we really tore each other apart. I told him his was an ungrateful ass and he called me a hateful hussy........among many other crude exchanges between the two of us.

We didn't speak for the rest of Friday night and all day Saturday. Saturday night when Colby and I got back from the drive in with the Alexanders we called a truce. Now we love each other again..................for the time being anyway!

Hope I'm not the only crazy one out there fighting with the hubby..........doesn't hurt to fight every once in a while if you ask me..............making up is good and then you really love each other for a few days afterward................I'd venture to call fighting healthy in moderation!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Man Is Going Down

I have absolutely had it with this man that I am married to! Not only am I waiting on him hand and foot during the day, I am also up with him at night similar to what one would be up with a colicky newborn! Apparently the injury to his leg also prevents him from doing things like pushing buttons on the remote and fluffing his pillows!

Now don't get me wrong. I do love my husband, but I am getting awfully fed up! I have two classes right now for my Rank I in Special Education, I am teaching a science class at a summer camp, I have all of my household chores, plus the yard work all on my plate right now and I am about to lay down and die!!

The moral of my rant and rave???? If he doesn't start doing a little for himself (pillows, remote, going to the bathroom) then he is going down!

Thanks for allowing me to vent!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fighting The Urge

I have fought it all day long. The urge has crept up on me time and time again, but I have fought it off. What urge have I been fighting? The urge to BEAT my son!

Any parent/teacher/adult around children at all can sympathize with this feeling. All day long little man has pushed every single button I have. He has talked too loud, mocked me, played too rough, gotten in to things he is not allowed to, told things he isn't suppose to tell, I could just go on and on! I wanted to wear his cute little butt out, but I knew I was just aggravated in general and should steer clear of the whipping. So I did. I was victorious. I may need to color my hair again because I see a couple of gray's trying to sprout, but I won. No beatings for today.............hope he is better tomorrow!

Anyone else had one of these "fighting the urge days" with a little one lately? Tell me I'm not alone!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ear Plugs Please!

My husband likes to sing. He likes to sing loudly and often. My husband can not carry a tune in a bucket to save his life. His crooning is so off key that the brood of dogs that live at my neighbors house sound better howling at the wind blowing than his singing does. For the past 12 years I have rolled my eyes at his singing and begged him to please shut up! Now I have a better solution -

ear plugs! I wear them while he is "singing" and just grin and nod like I am enjoying his sound when in reality all I hear is a muffled rumble.

You have to make me a promise.............DON'T tell him! He hasn't got a clue I am plugging him out! It can be our little secret! ;)

Monday, June 1, 2009

My Hair

I have had several people in the last few weeks make comments about my hair. I love my hair..............that and my eyes are my favorite attributes!

I let my hair grow long several years ago because Jeremy really liked it. Now Colby likes it too. It is his "comfort" object............he twirls my hair if he feels bad, if he is upset, or when he is going to sleep (I will SO miss this when he is older!). Now when I get a cut they freak out until I come home and they see it is still long!

I do not take a lot of time/energy/money into my hair at all though. I have a wonderful hair dresser, Melissa Lynch, who cuts my hair about 2-3 times each year. I color it with the cheapest hair color out there ($2.50 for a box or medium brown!) about once every 6 weeks. I wash my hair with whatever was the cheapest which is usually Suave 4 times a week. The other 3 times a week I was with dish washing liquid (I have oily hair!) I wash it at night and let it air dry and use hot rollers in the morning that I leave in for 15 minutes, pull out, run my fingers through and dash out the door. I don't use hairspray and I haven't brushed my hair in YEARS!

So, sorry girls! No hair secrets to report at all. God must have decided that since he didn't bless me with a smokin' hot body that he should make up with my pretty locks!!

Here's To Seven Years!

Today is our 7 year wedding anniversary! Last night Jeremy and I spent some time discussing this feat and decided that overall about 6.25 years of those have been blissfully happy while .75 years of that time we would rather forget! Ha! We give each other a hard time, but love each other very much. Jeremy is my best friend and the love of my life and I am thankful that we get to spend our lives together!